NBA: Ranking the 7 Greatest Offensive Lineups of All Time

Tim Zielenbach/AFP/Getty Images

Defense might win championships, but the real joy of basketball comes at the offensive end of the court. NBA fans were reminded of this last year, when Miami was in the midst of its epic 27-win streak, and they were reminded again when the Spurs’ pass-happy offense blew through everyone that wasn’t the Dallas Mavericks during the 2014 playoffs. Good ball movement is awesome. Scoring is awesome. Teams that play as teams are awesome.

Whether it’s LeBron and Carmelo Anthony putting a new spin on the undersized power forward, watching a well-executed outlet pass into a fast break, or witnessing Chris Paul operate in the half court, the best offenses culminate in jaw-dropping flashes of skill and precision. They also only get more fun when matched up against a competent defense, which is why some fans barely bother with the NBA until the playoffs arrive.

That’s fairly indefensible, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. No, now that we’re one series away from being stuck watching Summer League highlight videos and wishing that preseason would just hurry up and start already, let’s celebrate the best offensive juggernauts in the modern history of the NBA — only teams that played with a three-point line are included.