The 8 NBA Players With the Most All-Star Appearances

Kobe Bryant and LeBron James hug after an All-Star game.

Nothing but love at the NBA All-Star Game | Christian Petersen/Getty Images

If you’re the sort of basketball fan who enjoys highlight reel performances, an endless barrage of dunks, and minimal amounts of defense, then the NBA All-Star Game is for you. This spectacle isn’t about the fundamentals of the game, it’s about having fun and figuring out new ways to entertain the crowd. And if you ask us, that’s pretty much the essence of a “can’t-miss” affair.

For a player like LeBron James, a decorated superstar who will spend the rest of his career chasing Chicago’s No. 23, this year’s event marks his 13th consecutive trip to the All-Star Game. Common sense suggests that the King will continue to grace this particular stage with his presence until the day he finally decides to hang up his Nikes. This is a good thing — unless he doesn’t want to stand alone at the top of the All-Star Game mountain.