8 NFL Coaches That Make Over $6 Million

Nick Laham/Getty Images

Did you know that the NFL is, for all intents and purposes, a money printing factory? It’s true. When your commissioner can set a $25 billion goal for revenue roughly ten years in the future and not be laughed out of the room, you’re probably making enough money that it’s going over every hand and every fist that you can muster. With an average team worth of $1.17 billion dollars – courtesy of Forbes – it’s no secret that the average NFL team has a ton of money to throw around.

This is especially because it’s players have so little say in their contract bargaining. With tightly tethered rules around how much money each player can make, each team can hurl massive contracts and their stars and leave their role players to fend for scraps of the heavily-capped salary limits. No such limit exists for the coaches, though.

A good NFL coach is almost a lock to be handsomely rewarded for his efforts. Heck, even a bad coach is going to be paid pretty well — the average salary for a head coach was $4.6 million last season, according to CoachesHotSeat. But who’s making the most? Here are the eight most well-compensated head coaches in the NFL right now.