The NBA’s 12 All-Time Top Scorers

Carmelo Anthony celebrates scoring.

Carmelo Anthony has a knack for scoring. | Elsa/Getty Images

The New York Knicks are terrible. We’re not trying to crap on an entire fanbase; we’re just trying to honest. Sure, the organization hasn’t had to suffer through an unbearable championship drought like some other franchises, but that doesn’t make the current climate surrounding this team any easier to endure.

Not only has owner Jimmy Dolan, who has a well-documented history of ineptitude, managed to alienate fans even further by banning Charles Oakley from Madison Square Garden, but Phil Jackson has failed to put together a winning product on the floor. On the bright side, at least for now (and depending on who you ask), the Knicks have one thing going for them — Carmelo Anthony continues to drop buckets.

Say what you will about Melo, but the guy knows how to put the ball in the basketball. In fact, he recently moved into No. 25 on the all-time scoring list, passing Hall of Famer Charles Barkley. In honor of this impressive accomplishment, we take this moment to see how Anthony stacks up against the other all-time scorers in NBA history. Full disclosure: You will definitely recognize the top 12 players on the list.