The NFL’s 5 Best Passing Offenses Since 1970

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The best offenses in the NFL typically feature better-than-average passing. This sounds like a given, but that might not always be the case, particularly if a team has a stellar running back. The 2013 Denver Broncos are, as far as awards, accolades, and records are concerned, quite possibly the finest offensive team in NFL history. They became the first team to break 600 yards in a single season, they broke nearly every passing related offensive mark set by any team before them, and they basically spent the year playing Madden while everyone else was stuck with Tecmo Bowl. And not the good Tecmo Bowl, either.

Denver doesn’t grade out as the best passing offense according to at least one way of measuring this sort of claim, though. While we were reading FiveThirtyEight, we stumbled upon a post that attempted to quantify passing offenses by Adjusted Net Yards Per Attempt per game, which would give us (and them and you) a way to look at which teams really overachieved in their aerial game since the NFL AFL merger of 1970. Here they are.