The NFL’s Top 10 Career Earners



Drew Brees made National Football League history when he signed a five-year, $100 million contract with the New Orleans Saints in 2012, making him the highest paid NFL player ever. But Brees’s bucks haven’t all been earned yet. Spotrac tracks the salaries and earnings of professional athletes, including NFL players. The following are the 10 top career earners in the NFL.

10. Richard Seymour

Career earnings: $99,621,000

Position: Defensive tackle

Teams: New England Patriots (2001-2008), Oakland Raiders (2009-2012)

Currently a free agent, Seymour has 324 total tackles and 172 assisted tackles. Seymour is a three-time Super Bowl champion, earning rings at Super Bowls XXXVI, XXXVIII, and XXXIX, all with the New England Patriots. He was named to the NFL’s All-Decade team for the 2000s and to seven Pro Bowls.