6 Cities Producing the Most Current MLB Players

Handout/Getty Images

What is “a baseball city?” For some, the phrase evokes the Bronx or Boston, places that are dripping with baseball history. For others, a baseball city is a spot that has consistently harbored a warm appreciation for the game despite the lackluster showings of local clubs; Chicago is a prime example of this definition. For others still, a baseball city is a place that’s a hotbed of talent, anywhere where the sport is represented most often at the highest level. That’s the definition that we’ll be rolling with today.

A couple quick notes on the data that we’ll be using, courtesy of Sportchart, according to the site, a city’s boundaries were held to a fairly strict standard, so if you don’t see a city like Los Angeles listed (spoiler alert: you won’t) consider that only Los Angeles is being counted, not Greater L.A. Now, on to the list.