15 Times a Pro Sports Team Rebuild Actually Worked

Anthony Rizzo and Addison Russell high five.

Anthony Rizzo and Addison Russell were big parts of the Cubs’ rebuild | Richard Carson/Getty Images

There can only be one champion. It doesn’t matter the sport we discuss; it’s a universal truth. One team gets the glory, while everyone else goes back to the drawing board in the offseason. But sometimes, teams aren’t even really playing to win. Instead they bring about that magical word so many fans hate: rebuilding.

Is rebuilding a good idea? Does it really work out? We can debate the merits of a total team rebuild all day — and many of these discussions occur on sports debate shows. But there’s no doubt, whether it’s MLB, the NBA, or the NFL, teams have experienced great success after dismantling their rosters and starting over. Here are 15 times a team rebuild actually worked.