25 Times Players Dropped 50 or More in an NBA Playoff Game

Michael Jordan heads toward the basket.

Michael Jordan dropped 50 during several NBA Playoff games. | Getty Images

With the NBA playoffs upon us, basketball fans everywhere are looking forward to the next great performance in a clutch situation. There are some great matchups this year, along with some elite scorers taking the floor. Isaiah Thomas, LeBron James, DeMar Derozan, Jimmy Butler, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, and many others could be on the verge of a performance we’ll never forget. Of course, NBA history is full of players who had plenty of success.

We took a look back at NBA playoffs past, and 25 instances where players scored 50 or more points in a game — actually, it’s 27 instances, but we consolidated a few of Michael Jordan’s performances because he dropped 50 so many times. Check out some of the great, historical NBA players who had the best performances in the postseason.