Does Vegas Like Stephen Curry’s Chances to Three-Repeat as the MVP?

Stephen Curry with back-to-back MVP awards | Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Stephen Curry with back-to-back MVP awards | Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

No matter how many all-time great players came up through the NBA ranks, we’d never seen anyone earn unanimous MVP honors. It’s not that past individuals weren’t deserving of the recognition, it’s that it was going to take a special sort of showing for a player to be deemed worthy of garnering this particular distinction. Which is exactly what Golden State’s Stephen Curry did in the 2015–16 season, finally resulting in the first-ever unanimous Most Valuable Player award recipient.

When accepting the MVP award back in May, Curry couldn’t have been more humble:

“I never really set out to change the game. I never thought that would happen in my career. What I wanted to do was be myself. … I know it inspires the next generation. You can work every day to get better.”

While Curry may not have expected to change the game in this fashion, if it’s any consolation, neither did the teams who passed over him during the 2009 NBA Draft. In fact, six players were taken ahead of the man who’s now won back-to-back MVP awards. But now that the dust has finally settled, and we start to prepare for the upcoming 2016–17 season, there’s one question we find ourselves asking: Can Chef Curry make it three in a row? As it were, the oddsmakers in Vegas aren’t so sure.

Curry may be the reigning two-time MVP, but the National Basketball Association is filled with some pretty spectacular players; each poised to take home some coveted hardware. See for yourselves why this season may be the one where the Golden State Warriors superstar is finally knocked off his post as the league’s most valuable player.