The Warriors Can Be the Best Offensive Team in NBA History; Here’s How

Kevin Durant and the Warriors are an offensive juggernaut

Kevin Durant and the Warriors are an offensive juggernaut | Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Prior to the start of the 2016-17 NBA season, the Golden State Warriors were the team on everyone’s lips. Despite squandering a three games to one lead in the Finals, the offseason addition of Kevin Durant had folks wondering just how good this latest “super team” could be — particularly from an offensive perspective. Of course, not everyone was ready to sing the Warriors’ praises just yet.

To make room for KD, Golden State was forced to make certain changes — some that could, in fact, disrupt the chemistry which led to a championship and two straight Finals appearances. On paper, the Warriors looked like an unbeatable juggernaut, destined to turn the league upside down on their way to creating the next great sports dynasty. In reality, however, perhaps we were all just setting ourselves up for a massive disappointment. Either way, there was never going to be a dull moment with this group, a fact that’s been reinforced — emphatically — at the quarter-mark of the season.

At 31-5, the Warriors have the best record in basketball. Given the immense talent on the roster, this is hardly surprising. Yet, while many (ourselves included) assumed Golden State would struggle early on to get all their stars enough touches, the exact opposite has happened. Thus, they’ve created an offense that’s more lethal than anyone could’ve possibly imagined.