Which 4 World Cup Team Got the Best Posters from ESPN?

source -- Kasia!!, Flickr

Source: Kasia!!, Flickr

As the road to Brazil comes to a long and winding end, the hype machine continues to churn out all kinds of excitement. That’s not a bad thing, since that usually results in some very creative people getting paid to craft awesome things that sustain our interest while we hang around waiting for June, and the international teams, to land in Brazil. ESPN is very good about this, and they contracted artist Cristiano Siqueira, a Brazilian who goes by the alias of CrisVector, to create posters celebrating each of the thirty-two teams that will be competing in the World Cup.

Siqueria, who has worked for Nike, the Wall Street Journal, Playboy, and Inked, according to his website/portfolio (which you can, and should, check out here), more than delivered — bringing his distinctly sharp realism, which has shades of comic art, to each of the teams. The structure of the pieces is roughly the same throughout: You get a variation on the flag, the team’s best player, and a noun-as-description of the team (so the USMNT, for example, is branded “Yanks”). Boiling it down to that level misses the point, though, since it’s the nuance and the differences between the works that make the whole collection pop.

Which Group got the best treatment overall, though? That’s right, Capital G Group. The organizational pooling of all the teams which determine the starting rounds of the World Cup. In case you need a refresher on which nation is in which group, you can check out FIFA’s site here. Then read on to find out which teams are getting the most style points from Siqueria.