10 Badly Performing Stocks of the Past Decade

Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/borismitendorfer/

Playing the stock market is no game, as any seasoned investor will tell you. While some companies seem to have the magic touch and regularly trade at above-average price-to-earnings multiples, others have been a major disappointment to shareholders and significantly underperformed the market over the past decade. Let’s take a look at some of the stocks you definitely did not want in your portfolio, unless of course you were shorting them or your goal was to maximize your capital losses.  Here are the 10 worst performing stocks of the past decade.

1. Eastman Kodak Company

For 131-years, Eastman Kodak was a pioneer in the world of film and imaging. Unfortunately, an increasingly digital world meant bad news for the company and its shareholders. The company reported just one profitable year since 2004 and was finally driven into bankruptcy in 2012. Kodak stock was delisted from the New York stock exchange, leaving shareholders holding EK stock with canceled shares. USA Today announced Eastman Kodak’s triumphant return to the stock exchange in October of 2013, but the 99.89 percent decline in the value of company shares over the past decade still earns this company a top place on the list of the decade’s worst performing stocks.