10 Best Car Engines for 2014

When comparing an automobile to the human body, the engine is undoubtably the equivalent of the heart. The engine is an integral and complicated contraption, and if it deteriorates, it can bring the rest of the car with it. A strong, efficient engine is similar to an athlete’s heart; it does more with less, can outlast the competition, and is honed to serve a particular purpose well.

Every year, Ward’s Auto releases a list of the 10 best engines, and its list for 2014 has been released. This year’s rankings mark the 20th anniversary of Ward’s annual list, “A competition created to recognize outstanding powertrain achievement, world-class technologies and those rare engines or electric propulsion systems that are so compelling they help sell the vehicle.”

The ten were chosen from 44 different powertrains that the judges examined; to be qualified, “A new or significantly improved engine or propulsion system must be on sale in a production vehicle during the first quarter of 2014.” The base price for the vehicle has been capped at $60,000, up from $55,000 last year. Here are the winning engines for 2014.