10 Best-Selling Cars (and Trucks) of June

The strong sales and gains made throughout 2013 continued through the month of June, and the Top 10 best-selling cars and trucks in the U.S. saw a few changes. Since May, the Toyota (NYSE:TM) Corolla and Ford (NYSE:F) Fusion have been bumped off, in favor of two newcomers. Trucks, once again, owned the top two spots, and show little to no signs of slowing down. The incumbent leaders have found it hard to maintain their sales pace, and as a result, the companies have been placing a significant emphasis on incentive spending to help move units.

“The fundamentals for continued industry gains in new-vehicle sales remain intact,” Chrysler sales chief Reid Bigland said in a company statement. General Motors (NYSE:GM) head economist Mustafa Mohatarem echoed Bigland’s sentiments. Americans “believe — with good justification — that the economic expansion is going to continue,” he said, separately.

While brands like Cadillac, Subaru, and Jaguar saw huge percentage gains in sales, sales by volume remained fairly consistent in regard to previous months, with the exceptions listed above. Here are the 10 best selling cars from the month of June.

10. Honda CR-V

With 26,502 units sold, Honda’s (NYSE:HMC) crossover model is new on the list since May. The car posted sales gains of 14.1 percent over the same month last year, helping it make the list ahead of the Corolla, Focus, and other high-volume cars that usually find a place in the top 10.

Illustration by Chelsea Pieroni