10 Best-Selling Cars (and Trucks) of May

While automakers have been making impressive gains throughout the first half of 2013 (so far), some models have performed more admirably than others. Trucks have been a significant common denominator throughout, as the housing market regains its health and construction as a whole increases.

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New-car sales added a healthy 8 percent in May, to end the month above 15 million annualized sales as an industry. This picks the pace back up after April, when a slight slump put the numbers off a bit. The gains were helped by consumer confidence that reached a five-year high in May, while new-car prices roughly stayed put for the first time since Cars.com started tracking them back in November of 2011. New cars ran an average of $32,426 in May, according to CNW Marketing Research — at up just 0.4 percent over May of last year, consumers might be looking at a possible plateau after a string of year-over-year price increases.

Here are 10 models that led auto sales last month:

10. Toyota Corolla


Illustration by Chelsea A. Pieroni

Though in the last year of its product cycle before the 2014 refresh, the Toyota (NYSE:TM) Corolla still proves to be a best seller in the compact car category. With a sleeker look and more space though, the new, redesigned Corolla will certainly bolster the model’s status and could very well find itself crawling up the sales list upon its release.