10 Best Tunes for Your 2014 Fitness Resolutions

Source: Matt0513 / Flickr

2014 is coming in like a wrecking ball — are you ready? What are your resolutions for the new year? If one involves you lacing up your running shoes and hitting the always-crowded gym, we’re here to equip you with some ammo. Workout song ammo, that is. Everyone knows post-holiday depression sets in all too quickly come January 1, but instead of hiding from the mid-winter blues from the warmth of your couch, this month, vow to hit the pavement or gym and jump on the fitness bandwagon with these 10 tracks.

2013 might be over, but artists definitely went out with a bang, and we’re the ones benefitting. Artists came, they twerked, they conquered, and we’re still reaping the benefits with numerous songs added to our workout playlists. Nothing makes exercising more exciting than jogging to the help of some new music, so click through for our picks and get to work. We promise you’ll feel so much better after.