10 Books Being Adapted for Film in 2014

It seems the coming new year will have Hollywood looking to the book world for inspiration in the film industry. We’ve already seen a fair amount of that this year, what with Enders Game, The Great Gatsby, Catching Fire, and World War Z all hitting the big screen in 2013. Not surprisingly, all were books that sold rather well this year — whether they sold well because of the films, or the films were made because the books had been selling well. The coming year has a number of book adaptions hitting theaters, so book lovers, get pumped — here are just 10.

the giver, book1. The Giver

Adapted from Lois Lowry’s well-loved novel, The Giver is a classic dystopic tale of a seemingly perfect future society that has a dark side. Lowry spoke with Good Reads about the possibility of a movie in 2012, but said that the pace and content of the book had made a film adaption difficult.

“It seems to me that they all seem to be much more action packed (other books). They’ve been trying to make a movie of The Giver, but there’s not a lot of action in it. It’s relatively easy to make a move of The Hunger Games,” said Lowry — though she noted that the lack of action doesn’t really take away from the quality and importance of the book. The film will star Brenton Thwaites as Jonas, Jeff Bridges as the Giver, and will have Taylor Swift appearing as Rosemary.