Top 10 Car Brands That Ladies Love

2015 Hyundai-Genesis

Source: Hyundai

We’ve previously dug into the most male-dominated brands of automobiles — which brands were owned mostly by men, as opposed to women. Not surprisingly, the leading brands, some of which boasted a rate of male ownership topping 90%, were high-end, high-performance luxury cars that easily commanded six figures. This says a lot about the spending priorities of wealthy men, though it isn’t unexpected. Conversely, it also says a lot about wealthy women, too: namely, that even with the available means, women would apparently rather spend their money elsewhere.

Fortunately, and its vast trove of car sales data can provide the other side of the story — that is, which brands are most favored by women. “ analyzed more than 30 million used cars listed for sale on [the website] over the last year and studied hundreds of thousands of inquiries of consumers who contacted the seller about a specific car listing,” iSeeCars founder and CEO Phong Ly told Autos Cheat Sheet. “The car brand preferences are based on calculating and comparing the percentages of inquiries from men vs women.”

Read on to see which ten automotive brands women prefer the most, according to iSeeCars’ analysis