10 Cars and Trucks That Ended 2013 With a Bang

After putting in another strong year, the domestic automotive industry is reportedly on track to end on par with its performance in 2012, as December’s auto sales ended strong for some but more as a whisper for others. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however, as Cars.com reminds us that December 2012 was a pretty good month.

Pickup sales stalled slightly despite some mixed numbers from the usual leaders, as the segment fell 1.4 percent in December over the same month of the year prior. Transaction prices per vehicle picked up $882 in the first half of December against December 2012.

Here is how the top-selling individual models stacked up for the last month of the year. For those who have been following, things fell largely where they have been throughout the year, with few surprises. Notably, Japanese brands seemed to struggle a bit as the year ended.

2014 Fusion

10. Ford Fusion

The Ford (NYSE:F) Fusion spent 2013 weaving in and out of the top 10 but finished the year on a strong note with 24,408 models sold, a 26.6 percent surge over the December prior. The Fusion finished the year 22.4 percent up on 2012, with 295,280 units sold.