10 Concept Automobiles That Pushed the Envelope in 2013

Nissan BladeGlider

By the time the 2013 concept cars had made their debuts, the future seemed closer. From hydrogen-powered fuel-cell vehicles to body-steered innovations, the daring design pieces from the world’s top automakers stole auto shows throughout the year. Here are the 10 concepts that truly pushed the envelope in 2013.

Honda FCEV

1. Honda FCEV

The FCEV will actually be the second hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle by Honda (NYSE:HMC) when the automaker releases this car in 2015. Unlike the FCX Clarity, which is already available for lease in Southern California, the FCEV sports the design language of the future. Both run on hydrogen fuel tanks that power electric motors, a system that provides more range than lithium ion battery vehicles. Best of all, refueling a hydrogen car takes just a few minutes. A lack of fueling infrastructure is their chief drawback.