10 Green Initiatives From Car Makers: A Rough Guide

John Voelcker at Green Car Reports recently wrote up a list of the 10 Eco-Marketing Car Labels That Mean Nothing, in which he described how just about every mass-market company wants to cash in on the fuel frugality movement and have accordingly developed programs to work toward improving the overall efficiency of their fleet.

While Voelcker’s point was more to raise awareness that these programs offer more branding power than actual progress for fuel consumption improvement, the piece did highlight a rather noteworthy observation: With so many competing efficiency programs, the vast majority of consumers — even those considered in the loop of the auto industry — don’t know which is which, unless it’s attached to a car.

That gave us the idea of making a sort of guide, if you will. The following list includes the same 10 company efficiency efforts with a brief description of what’s included in each. You might be surprised. Note: the following are not ranked by any specific measure, nor is this intended to serve as an exhaustive list. Also, a big shout-out to Voelcker and his team for the material.


Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jeanbaptisteparis/

1. Mercedes-Benz’s BlueEfficiency

Mercedes-Benz has long been known for putting luxury and performance above all else, but the company is hoping to change that perception with its BlueEfficiency program. Under that umbrella is Mercedes-Benz’s BlueTec clean diesel program as well as its various hybrid and plug-in hybrid efforts. The program is also a letterhead for Mercedes’ smaller all-electric and fuel-cell efforts.