10 Healthy Versions of Classic Comfort Food Recipes

January is supposed to be a time for starting over: for wiping the slate clean and for committing to reinventing or bettering ourselves. That’s why every year, we make resolutions to eat better, lose weight, and get healthier.

It lasts — with the best of intentions and heaps of conviction — for a couple of weeks. Then kale salads start losing their appeal. We start craving mounds of carbs and cheese. We start dreaming about the best of our childhood comfort foods. Little by little, our resolve to stay healthy wanes until we can’t take it anymore and we dive headfirst into a whole cake, pint of ice cream, super-size french fry, or half a lasagna. And even though we tried so hard, all that work and dedication go down the drain, not to be seen again until the start of bathing suit season.

This year, rather than beat your head against tremendous changes to your diet, try lightening the food you actually like to eat. Throw some kale salads in every now and then and make some chia seed smoothies for breakfast, sure, but realize that you’re only human. You’re going to need to make small changes if you’re ever going to make a big one.