10 High-Profile Posthumous Movie Roles

Paul Walker

While the death of Paul Walker continues to reverberate throughout the film industry, Universal is being forced to make some important decisions when it comes to one of their biggest properties: the Fast & Furious series. It’s unclear exactly how far into the production of Fast & Furious 7 the studio was, but considering that production reportedly began in September, Universal is likely going to have to make some complication decisions as  to whether the production moves forward or starts from scratch. According to Variety, the production has been shut down for the time being as the studio gives family, friends, and filmmakers time to mourn as Universal decides how to move forward with the property.

Of course, Universal’s decision will ultimately hinge upon how much of Walker’s footage was completed before his death. Considering the power of CGI in modern Hollywood, there are certainly ways to move forward. Just consider Ridley Scott’s Gladiator. When actor Oliver Reed died during the production, CGI compositors took his face from earlier scenes and transplanted it onto later scenes. The effect is so seamless that most people still don’t know about it — and this was done in 2000.

Still, the technology might be there, but it also depends on whether friends and family would even want the studio to pursue that route. However, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time an actor has had a film released posthumously. In a dishearteningly long list of actors and their posthumous roles, here are ten of the most high-profile examples.