10 Insane Cult Movies from the 1970s

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Although the definition of a “cult film” can vary widely depending on which critic you ask, many would agree that cult films are typically movies that feature strange or dark content and often come from genres such as horror, fantasy, or science fiction. These films tend to inspire devoted followings from audiences that appreciate their offbeat qualities.

Although cult movies have been around since the birth of the film industry, some critics consider the 1970s a particularly fruitful era for the production of cult movies. Here are the top 10 cult movies from the 1970s, per to critics’ ratings collected by Rotten Tomatoes.

10. A Boy and His Dog

Based on a novella of the same name by speculative fiction writer Harlan Ellison, A Boy and His Dog is a dark comedy that features Don Johnson as Vic, a young boy scavenging for food in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Vic is aided in his daily struggle to survive by a dog that is able to telepathically communicate with him. The film was a commercial failure when it was released in 1975 but has since gained a substantial following. A Boy and His Dog currently has a 75 percent ”Tomatometer” rating on Rotten Tomatoes.