10 Luxury Rides for Under $40K

Way back when, there was great disparity between luxury cars and cars for the common man. Over time, that disparity has lessened as the result of a combination of more entry-level luxury car offerings and rising prices for more mainstream, conventional cars.

A loaded Chevrolet (NYSE:GM), for example, can easily play into the price range that one would be looking at for a lightweight luxury car such as a Mercedes-Benz CLA. While the vehicles may not be in the same class, it’s a fairly new trend (relative to the history of the auto industry) to have different badges occupying the same price bracket.

However, as manufacturers strive to make cars suitable for everyone’s needs, brands are finding that they must coexist. On that matter, Kelley Blue Book has compiled a list of 10 luxury cars that fall under $40,000. And while they won’t come loaded to the gills with optional extras, they present a relatively affordable play on the luxury market.


10. Volvo S60

Often overlooked next to its luxury peers, the Volvo S60 “offers some of the finest luxury appointments, driving characteristics, and safety technology in the segment,” Kelley Blue Book notes. It starts at around $32,400.