10 of the Weirdest Burger King Japan Burgers

When “have it your way” is your company tagline, you have to be ready for a little corporate creativity. In America, that means extra pickles and bacon sundaes. In Japan, we’re looking at fried garlic, Spam sliders (specifically for women), bamboo charcoal, and squid ink.

In 2001, Burger King (NYSE:BKW) completely fell out of Japan’s competitive fast food industry. After re-entering the market, the company has spent the past five-and-a-half years proving it can keep up — and in Japan, that means getting a little weird.

Here are 10 of the weirdest burgers on Japan’s Burger King menus.

Source: Burger King

Source: Burger King

1. Koru Burger

As just one of Burger King Japan’s fifth-anniversary burger offerings, the Koru Burger — koru meaning “black” in Japanese — hit the menu on September 28, 2012, at 790 yen ($8.05) for a meal. The black buns were made with bamboo charcoal, and the black ketchup was colored with squid ink and flavored with garlic.

Why black? Because Burger King Japan shares an anniversary with Coke Zero, and everyone knows the best couples always color-coordinate at anniversary parties.