10 States Where People Love to Go to Work

Employee disengagement is just about any employer’s nightmare. Not only does it cost the U.S. economy in lost productivity, but it keeps companies from operating to their highest potentials and is overtly destructive to their bottom line. A recent report from Gallup highlights that there is no clear geographic pattern in the U.S. where the states with the lowest engagement levels of employees are located, but it does shed light on the region where the most engaged workers cluster. Seven of the 10 states where engagement is highest are in the south.

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Gallup gathered data from a total of 151,294 surveys from January through December 2012 and categorized workers based on an employee engagement index that classifies workers as engaged, not engaged, or actively disengaged based on their survey responses. While engaged employees are characterized by involvement and enthusiasm for their work, unengaged workers are satisfied in their workplace, but not emotionally committed, often leading them to only completing the baseline of what needs to get done. Actively disengaged workers, on the other hand, are emotionally disconnected from their work, and can sink employee morale and performance. For now, we’ll concentrate on the states that foster the former — the employer’s dream workers, or the actively engaged employees. Here’s a look at those 10 states:

10. Alabama


Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jack13123/

Alabama is first on our list, and marks the beginning of a geographic pattern that will prevail: engaged employees cluster in the South. The state boasts a figure that maintains 32.8 percent of its employees are engaged workers — a number which you can compare to a state’s like Minnesota, that has the least engaged employees with a 25.7 percent total. That means that 32.8 percent of workers in Alabama are involved in or enthusiastic about their work, an optimistic figure that will only grow higher as we progress on our list.