2013 Real Estate Review: 5 Unique Homes

Find yourself humming “Little Boxes” as you drive through suburbia, seeing the all the same, staid designs? Not all homes follow the cookie-cutter formula, and 2013 had several standout real estate listings. From historic to modern, oddly shaped to sleekly designed, here are five unique homes that were a part of the real estate market this past year.

Source: http://www.realtor.com

Source: Realtor.com

1. Wilton, Connecticut

Perfect for lovers of geodesic domes and R. Buckminister Fuller designs is this Connecticut home. Currently listed for $795,000, this three-bed, 2.5-bath abode sits on 4.54 acres. Built in 1974, there is also an atrium and a barn (not dome shaped). The influence of the 1970s is evident throughout the house, particularly in the kitchen and evidenced by the orange sink in the bathroom.