3 Auto Stocks Going Places: Honda’s Latest Recall, Ford’s Unusual Partnership, and GM’s Foray Into Diesel

Honda Motors (NYSE:HMC): Recalls seem to be an underlying theme so far in 2013, as Honda has just announced another, amounting to some 204,000 vehicles split between the Honda and Acura nameplates. The affected vehicles cover the 2012 Honda CR-V and Odyssey minivan, and the 2013 Acura MDX SUV. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration noted that ”the brake-shift interlock blocking mechanism may become slow and allow the gear selector to be moved from the Park position without pressing the brake pedal,” or in layman’s terms, your call might roll away on its own. However, this condition may only occur in sub-zero weather, the NHSTA said, but it’s probably better to err on the side of safety. Honda is alerting owners of the afflicted vehicles, which will be taken care of free of charge.

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