3 Reasons Why Facebook Will Outperform

Facebook QuestionThe past one-month period has not been kind to Facebook (NASDAQ:FB). Shares are off nearly 10 percent since January 11, and the stock is back below $30. Year-to-date gains are now just shy of 2 percent, and the beleaguered discussion on how much the social network is worth and why has simmered down to a general malaise of pessimism.

Social Graph, the company’s highly-anticipated search project, fell pretty flat after CEO Mark Zuckerberg made two things clear: 1) it’s not ready yet, and 2) monetization isn’t on the radar. In a year or two or three, this service may be influencing the company’s financial reports, but the lack of immediacy turned off many investors and helped brew the general feeling of discontent.

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At the end of the day, investors are unclear if Facebook is moving in the right direction, and even if it is, they are unclear on whether it is moving fast enough. To help answer those questions, we take a look at some figures from Facebook’s last earnings report, and what they mean for the company’s future…