4 Ailments of the Computer Addict

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When you surf the web or do some work on your computer, a lot goes through your mind. But the last thing you probably ask yourself is: how is this affecting my health? It’s actually an important question to answer because of the amount of time that people dedicate to their computers on a daily basis.

According to the latest U.S. Census from 2011, household computer and Internet use household has changed greatly in recent years– 75.6 percent of households reported having a computer, compared with 61.8 percent in 2003, a far cry from 8.2 percent in 1984. A recent study found that adults spend an average 142 minutes a day in front of computer screens. But if you have a desk job that involves using a CPU, that time could be hours longer.

Since people use their workstations so frequently, it’s essential to look at how they can affect your general health. Whether you own a desktop, a laptop, or a tablet, the technology is an evolving part of our culture that will always be around. So we have to embrace it while understanding any potential risks involved. Here are four health concerns associated with the use of computers.