4 Biggest Sports Stories of 2013

Source: Jeremy Brooks / Flickr via Wikimedia Commons

Sports story lines are interesting things. At the outset of every season and every year, there are a handful of topics that capture the imagination and furor of the fandom so completely that they tend to dominate the national discourse with such force that they often drown out almost everything else happening within the sport.

If you’re an American football fan, you know that last year, the name of that game was now-unemployed quarterback Tim Tebow. For basketball fans, it could be the Dwightmare, the never-ending saga of Dwight Howard’s free agency. For baseball fans and cycling enthusiasts, you’ve undoubtedly read more than you ever wanted to about performance-enhancing drugs over the past 12 months.

At the start of 2014, with the lull between National Football League playoffs, the grind of the National Basketball Association season, and the short absence of the long stroll that is a full Major League Baseball season, we take a look back at the top sports stories that defined the recently concluded year. Click through to see the list.

Note: Lance Armstrong is not included, because it is this writer’s opinion that the cyclist needs no more publicity than he has already received. For an overview of his behavior, check out the 2013 documentary The Armstrong Lie (IMDB page here).