4 Controversial Sports Calls: Sore Winners and Losers

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Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/robpoetsch/

Controversy has always dogged the steps of professional sports, but it has been on the tips of everyone’s tongues this year — and especially this week. Here is a round-up of four recent, potentially game-changing calls that caused a commotion.

1. Brooklyn Nets vs Los Angeles Lakers

Contention this week kicked off — not on the grid iron, but on the basketball court with Brooklyn Nets coach, Jason Kidd. In a game on November 27, there were 8.3 seconds remained on the clock, and the Nets trailed the Lakers with no time outs remaining. Luckily, Jason Kidd happened to be holding a glass of soda that conveniently spilled on the floor, after Kidd was bumped by Nets player Tyshawn Taylor. As the clean-up crew cleared the floor, Laker Jodie Meeks took his free throw shots, and the Nets huddled for a crucial session to formulate one last play. In the final play, Paul Pierce’s 3-point shot missed, and the Nets lost.

“Cup slipped out of my hand while I was getting Ty,” Kidd explainedESPN also printed Taylor’s reaction, and he says it wasn’t intentional. “I wasn’t paying attention. I just kind of bumped him,” Taylor said, ”coach was drinking a soda on the sideline. I was like, ‘What’s he doing?’” Their denials didn’t sway the public. On Twitter, even Rob Lowe got in on the action.

Most damaging to Kidd’s denial is that you can clearly see his mouth forming the words “hit me” in the instant replays, which led to his fine of  $50,ooo, issued November 28 by the NBA. The news came after most people in the country spent the day gobbling up turkey. Happy Thanksgiving, Jason Kidd.