4 Financial Stock Stories to Start Another Busy Earnings Week

Wells Fargo & Co. (NYSE:WFC): Current price $44.37

On Monday, Wells Fargo Insurance, a part of Wells Fargo & Co., announced the debut of revENSURE and ANDAfend insurance products — two new strategic solutions from its Professional Risk Group, Intellectual Property Risk Mitigation Practice. These new insurance offerings are cost-effective solutions that supply indemnification for a business’s actual revenue deficit, and serve as a hedge against unfavorable market coverage from intellectual property litigation that could impact profits. RevENSURE insurance can indemnify a firm for a shortfall in revenue, should the intellectual property rights that support its sales (or  licensing) become adversely affected. ANDAfend insurance is created specifically to cover drug products and provide indemnification for a gap in a company’s drug sales (or licensing) resulting from a successful paragraph IV challenge.

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