4 Impossible Concept Cars and 4 Real-World Alternatives

11_concept_Ciel_022-mediumWhen engineers and design teams tackle a concept car, there are no ideas barred. The process can lead to impossible machines better suited for outer space as much as it can lead to viable products for the future. As Dr. Frankenstein once learned, the pursuit of perfection has its dark side. Here are four concept vehicles that are all but impossible for drivers to obtain, and four real-world alternatives now on the far-flung market.


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Concept 1: Cadillac Ciel

This Cadillac (NYSE:GM) stunner never made it to production, but the Ciel had a large fan base before being sent packing earlier this year. As with many concept cars, it appears too grandiose a vision for reality. Designers saw the car cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway in high-end touring style. In fact, the Ciel recalled a classic Cadillac of the past — one that would serve as a real-world replacement.