4 Merger and Acquisitions Stock Stories For Investor Perusal

Anheuser-Busch InBev (NYSE:BUD): Closing price $86.29

The brewing giant’s $20.1 billion bid to acquire Grupo Modelo could be impacted by a rather odd hurdle, unexpected by the parties when the Justice Department sued to disallow the deal. The case was randomly delivered to United States District Judge Richard Rogers who is said to be the slowest judge in Washington. In 2012, Roberts had 73 motions pending for more than six months, nearly three times more than the next slowest judge, and in excess of 50 cases pending more than three years. He has been known to have taken more than eight years to decide on a motion to dismiss. An antitrust law professor at Rutgers, Michael Carrier, commented that, “It helps the Justice Department if they have a judge that is this slow — and obviously, this is something they could not have prepared for — there’s no doubting this will help the government.”