5 Golfers With the Most PGA Tour Wins

source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/37544860@N06/

Another turbulent year has come to a close for Tiger Woods, and the golfer finished his 2013 season with a loss to Zach Johnson, failing to add what would have been a sixth overall victory to an otherwise strong year. Sunday marked the end of his 17th full year as a pro, but Woods made it clear following the tournament that his work is far from over and that he still wants to beat two of the best records in golf: Jack Nicklaus’ 18 major titles and Sam Snead’s total of 82 career wins on the PGA Tour.

2013 was another dramatic year for Woods, but it will likely go down as the one in which the golfer finally returned to dominant play. ESPN reports that Woods didn’t add to his major championship tally of 14 this season — the fifth year in a row he missed the mark — but he did win the Players Championship, two World Golf Championships, and two regular tournaments at Torrey Pines and Bay Hill. Woods told ESPN following the final round of the Northwestern Mutual Challenge: “I’m very proud of my overall record, especially in the bigger events. I think my wold golf record is pretty decent.”

Woods still has his sights set on Nicklaus and Snead’s titles; he stands four majors behind Nicklaus and three wins behind Snead. Woods will turn 38 at the end of December, but as he takes a much anticipated break from play, he is already strategizing how he can come closer to claiming record victory next year.

He told Sky Sports:The easier goal is going to be getting to Sam’s record — you could get to there basically by playing the first three events of the year and win three in a row. But the major championships are a bit more spread out in April, June, and July, so it’s certainly much harder to get to Jack’s number than it will be to get to Sam’s number. But both of them I think are significant numbers, significant milestones and hopefully one day in my career I’ll be able to surpass both of them.”

So we know Woods is No. 2 on the PGA Tour wins list and Snead is No.1, but we can’t forget about the others. Here are the five golfers with the most PGA Tour victories.