5 Handy Father’s Day Tips and Tricks

Father’s Day is tomorrow! Are you ready? Hopefully, because according to a report from IBSWorld a few weeks ago, Father’s Day spending this year is projected to surpass 2012′s total sales by 2.1 percent, coming in at $13.2 billion — and you’re expected to deliver.

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Luckily for consumers, there is currently a surplus of cool gadgets and products on the market to impress just about any father. Some companies are even being generous enough to offer exclusive discounts. Here’s a comprehensive list of tips and tricks that might help equip you for the marketing madness, and won’t even break your bank.

1. Kindle Discounts

If your dad is a reader, go after the Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) discounts. The e-tailer is currently offering a $20 discount for its line of Kindle Fire HD tablets, as long as you use the promo code DADSFIRE. The deal includes the 7-inch, $199 Kindle Fire HD; the 8.9-inch, $269 Kindle Fire HD; and the 8.9-inch, $399 Kindle Fire HD with 4G LTE connection. But here’s the catch. This deal is like an early bird special. It expires Saturday, June 8. So what are you waiting for? Get there before it’s too late!