5 Healthy Recipes for Your Kid’s Lunchbox

Now that the holidays are over, kids are gearing up to go back to school. For parents, this also means packing lunches again. With so many adults making resolutions to be healthier, we decided to provide a way for kids to partake in the resolution by offering five healthy lunches they can pack for school — one for each day of the week.

Turkey Bagel, Tomato, Cheese

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Creamy Hummus and Smoked Turkey Sandwich

An easy option you can send your child back to school on Monday with is a creamy hummus and smoked turkey sandwich, provided by Food Network. The recipe takes around 15 minutes to make, and is only 135 calories per serving.


1 tablespoon Creamy Veggie Hummus
1 mini whole wheat bagel, toasted
3 baby spinach leaves
1 slice tomato
3/4 ounce smoked turkey (about 1 thin slice folded into quarters)
3 thin slices cucumber

Directions: Spread the Creamy Veggie Hummus on the bottom half of the bagel, then top with the spinach leaves, tomato, turkey, cucumbers and the other half of the bagel. Wrap the sandwich in a paper towel and then aluminum foil.