5 Most Searched-For Stocks of 2013

Source: Iman Mosaad / Flickr

At the end of each year, Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) compiles the Zeitgeist. Google uses the search data it collected for the year to find out what the most popular searches were and breaks down the results for the curious to digest. For example, the most searched-for person was Miley Cyrus, the most searched-for beer was Blue Moon, and the most searched-for dog breed was the bulldog.

All of it is interesting — if not totally useful — information. What market watchers may find offers the best of both worlds, though, is Google’s list of the most searched-for stocks of the year. Any company that falls at the top of this list has either done very well or very poorly for itself.

Here are some hints: four out of five are tech or Internet companies that trade on the Nasdaq, and one of them makes cars.