5 Movie Actors Who Have Found Success on TV

Kerry Washington, Scandal

It used to be a common misconception that actors only jumped from film to television when their career was in the tank. Now, it’s quite the opposite. Making the change from the big screen to the small screen — on a TV series or a mini-series — can be a career game-changer, even boosting a film actor’s career. TV has become such a hot commodity that you can expect to see actors such a Halle Berry, Eva Green, and Josh Hartnett gracing the small screen in 2014. Here are five movies actors that have found success on TV.

Kerry Washington, Scandal

Staring in hit movies Django Unchained, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and Ray, Kerry Washington continues to flex her acting chops playing Olivia Pope on the ABC’s hit TV show Scandal. The actress plays a former White House communications director who now runs her own business “fixing” problems before they start. The show has developed quite the cult following and Washington has received both an Emmy nomination and a Golden Globe nomination for her performance.