5 Things to Expect From Apple’s WWDC

Source: Apple.comApple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) much-anticipated Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off this Monday, June 10 with a keynote presentation at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. As usual, there are rampant rumors about which new products and services the Cupertino-based company might unveil at the WWDC this year. Although you never know what unexpected surprises Tim Cook & Co. may have up their sleeves, here are five things to expect at this year’s WWDC.

1. iOS 7 and OS X

Let’s start with the obvious ones. Apple has already announced that it will be unveiling a new version of its iOS mobile operating system and its personal computer OS X operating system. In a press release on Apple’s website, Philip Schiller — Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing – stated, “We can’t wait to get new versions of iOS and OS X into their hands at WWDC.” So it’s pretty clear that these products will debut at the WWDC. The only question is: what will the new software be like?

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Many reports have emerged about the redesign of iOS 7. Jonathan Ive, the Senior Vice President of Industrial Design at Apple, has been leading the effort to remove the skeuomorphic design elements that have long been a part of iOS. This has led some insiders to describe iOS 7’s appearance as “black, white, and flat all over.”

OS X has been rumored to contain several anticipated upgrades, including an improved graphics card driver, wake-from-sleep connectivity to Wi-Fi, and a new version of Safari, reports MacNN. A bug fix for FaceTime and an improved battery life capability are also expected. Apple users are also anticipating that the new version of OS X will include support for the faster 802.11ac Wi-Fi protocol.