5 Tricks Volkswagen Used to Beat GM in the Sales Race

VW Jetta Turbo

What does it take to become king of automakers? General Motors (NYSE:GM) and Toyota (NYSE:TM) have used varying methods to claim the crown, but Volkswagen (VLKAY.PK) is now a serious contender to the throne. After setting a goal to be top of the pack by 2018, Volkswagen has a shot at making that happen sooner. The first step was beating GM in sales to take second place. According to a report by the Detroit News, VW has already pulled it off by passing General Motors in 2013 sales.

The 9.73 million auto sales reported by Volkswagen beat GM’s tally of 9.71 million sales only slightly, but even different readings of the numbers say a shift in the market has taken place. Next up for Volkswagen would be sustaining its slight edge over GM while picking off Toyota. At the moment, Volkswagen is only 270,000 units off the pace.

If VW is capable of topping all automakers in global sales, it will have to repeat and improve upon the tricks the automaker used to nudge aside General Motors. Here are five tactics Volkswagen used to outrun GM in 2013 auto sales around the globe.