6 Cars That Delivered on High Expectations

The auto industry and hype are made for each other. Rumors about new designs can spark chatter online, in driveways and in garages for months, even years. Investors and industry observers are often as excited about boring family sedans as they are about new hot rods, but everyone has an opinion. Here are six recent rides that delivered on high expectations or early promise.Source: Ford

1. 2013 Ford Fusion

There was a lot of chatter about the redesigned 2013 Fusion by Ford (NYSE:F), and for good reason. It boldly went where few family midsize sedans had ever ventured before — to an attractive place. Hints of Aston Martin were called out by Auto Week editors, and Ford succeeded in turning heads as much as it did in upgrading the practicality of this car. This version and the 2014 models are selling faster than the automaker can stock them in some places, a good problem for an automaker to have.