6 Classic Scary Movies That Still Make You Jump

Children of the Corn

Older horror movies may not have the special effects capabilities that movies today have, they may be in black and white, they may have some rather corny shrieks of terror or inability to contact the authorities away from a landline — but that doesn’t mean they can’t be creepy as hell. In fact, it could be argued that movies from back in the day have to make a greater effort to flip the terrified switch in our brains since they didn’t have the disgusting, yet effective visual effects of Slither – which basically removes all necessity for good writing and creative feats of horror by being absolutely nasty. Here are six of the classics.

1. Children of the Corn (1984)

You know how creepy kids can be. They’ve got those cute little faces, but there’s just so many of them. It’s the same principle as fire ants and zombies. One — no problem, but add a whole drove and suddenly, you’re overwhelmed. For much the same reason that The Omen and similar cult movies are so terrifying, Children of the Corn is fueled by a combination of the creepy dead-eyed stares of minors, and the overwhelming irrationality of mob mentality and cool-aid drinking crazies.

The story, based off a short story by Stephen King, follows the ill-fated Burt and Vicky, played by Peter Horton and Linda Hamilton. The two are driving through Nebraska when they come across a body with its throat cut. When they stop in a nearby town to report the body, they find that it’s eerily devoid of adults, which they eventually realize is because that children have taken over and killed off their parents after being converted to a strange corn god-worshipping cult — “he who walks behind the rows” — led by by a young boy named Isaac.