6 DC Comics Film Projects Ready to Bust Out

(Source DC Comics)

If you’re a fan of DC Comics (NYSE:TWX) and love to watch your favorite characters on the big screen, there seems to be no better time than now. While Marvel (NYSE:DIS) has set the bar high when it comes to success with comic book properties, Warner is set to arrive on the scene in a big way over the next several years.

While the big news in recent weeks is that Batman and Superman will finally share the silver screen in the Man of Steel sequel set for release in 2015, that appears to be only the start. Barring an epic implosion on the scale of Batman and Robin, we could well be entering the golden age of DC Comics appearing on the big-screen. And it’s not just the characters of the Justice League.

Here are six interesting DC Comics properties likely to hit the screen over the next several years. Some are more or less set and others not so much. Check them out after the jump.