6 People Who Will Get Rich(er) from Twitter’s IPO


This past week, filings were made public that showed the major players in Twitter’s initial public offering, detailing exactly who owns what percentage of the company. In the lead-up to what is surely one of the most highly anticipated IPOs on the horizon, the social media giant took one more step in its quest to go public.

Many are uncertain about exactly how the company will perform during its IPO. Some analysts have high expectations for Twitter, pointing to the company’s immense popularity, while others think the company may be overvalued during its release, highlighting to the trouble seen by Facebook’s (NASDAQ:FB) stock during its early days. Regardless of what the true value of the shares is, it could very well take some time for the market to properly adjust and analyze Twitter’s debut.

One thing is certain: No matter how the IPO goes, the company’s shareholders and executives stand to make an incredible amount of money from the deal. Let’s take a look at six people who will benefit the most from Twitter’s IPO, using figures collected by Reuters.