7 Batman Films That Didn’t Make the Cut

(Source Warner Bros.)

While the news that Ben Affleck will play Batman sent the Internet into a frenzy last week, the one thing his hiring does do is finally put to rest more than a decade of uncertainty revolving around the Batman property.

Sure, Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy is a wonder to behold, but the problem has always been Nolan’s insistence that there would be no crossover comic characters in his films. With Warner Bros.’ (NYSE:TWX) hiring of Affleck as Batman, the character is now free to go where he wants.

But before the endless debate over whether Affleck is the right actor to don the cape, it’s as good a time as ever to discuss the various Batman projects that have almost come into existence over the course of nearly two decades. For the first time in over fifteen years, the uncertainty over the direction of Batman — and Superman — seem to be set for the foreseeable future. But it definitely wasn’t always like that.

Come take a look at seven Batman projects that almost came to be, from the earliest to most recent, after the jump.