7 Cars That Topped Consumer Reports Lists

The folks at Consumerreports.org have earned a lot of respect from car buyers over the years. U.S. automakers especially are praising their standards since American cars have taken two of the top three scores ever in recent rankings. Here are seven cars that topped different categories from the venerable consumer agency.


2013 civic hyrbid

1. Top MPG for Small Sedans: Honda Civic Hybrid

It’s not the sexiest accolade, and the numbers have been beaten by Honda (NYSE:HMC) itself with its 2014 Accord Hybrid, yet the 2013 Civic Hybrid has claim to best fuel economy among 2013 small sedans. For many drivers, it isn’t about style or performance; it’s about getting to work and back — or taking the kids to school — on a small amount of fuel. The Civic and the Accord by Honda get the job done at a reasonable price.